Mini-Sugar Plants

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Project Profile
  • Sugarcane processing is focussed on the production of cane sugar (sucrose) from sugarcane. Other products of the processing include bagasse, molasses, and filtercake.
  • Bagasse, the residual woody fiber of the cane, is used for several purposes: fuel for the boilers and lime kilns, production of numerous paper and
    paperboard products and reconstituted panelboard,agricultural mulch, and as a raw material for production of chemicals.
  • Molasses is produced in two forms: inedible for humans (blackstrap) or as an edible syrup. Blackstrap molasses is used primarily as an animal feed additive but also is used to produce ethanol, compressed yeast, citric acid, and rum.
  • Sugar cane is one of Australia's largest farm crops, with up to 30,000,000 tonnes crushed annually, between June and December. Most cane is grown in Queensland along the east coast, from Nambour to the Atherton Tablelands.
  • The Mini Sugar plant requires equipments such as crushing mill Tandems, boiling Pans, cystallizers, centrifugal machine, cane unloading and cutting equipment, Bagasse handling equipment, filter press, filtration and clarification equipment, dryers and graders, Process and Storage tanks equipment Spares.
  • The mini sugar plants adopt the open pan sulphitation sugar manufacturing process known as 'Khandsari'. This produces white crystalline sugar suitable for direct consumption.
  • The modern sulphitation Khandsari plants are extremely efficient and produce sugar of quality like white sugar manufactured in vacuum pan plants. The optimum capacity of such a plant varies from 100 to 500 TCD (Tons of cane crushing per day).
Cane Processing
  • Sugar Cane Cultivation
  • Sugarcane Processing
  • Sugar Plant and Process Flow Diagram
  • From Cane Sugar to Granulated Sugar
  • Gur and Khandsari Making Process
  • Production of Cane Sugar
  • Ugar Sugar Processing
  • Cane Sugar Production at Millaquin Mill

Equipments Required

  • Mini Sugar Open Pan Plant
  • Mini Sugar Pressure Pan Plant
  • Mini Sugar Vacuum Pan Plant
  • Cane Equipment List
  • Vijsun Engineers- List of Machinery
  • Sugar Production Machinery
  • Cane Sugar Juice Extraction Machine

Equipment Suppliers

  • Mini Sugar Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
  • Power Generation Equipment Supplier
  • Cooling, Curing and Grading Plant
  • Motors Supplier
  • Industrial Sugar Cane Peeler Supplier
  • Sugar Machinery Exporters and Manufacturers in India
  • Sugar Cane Mills Manufacturers
  • Sugar Machines Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
  • Cane Shredders Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Sugar Dryers Suppliers
  • Shrijee Group
  • Sugar Mill Drives
  • Sugar Packaging Machinery Suppliers
  • Steam Turbines Supplier
  • Sugar Mill Machinery Manufacturers
  • ThyssenKrupp Industries India
  • Vacuum Konstant
  • Sugar Mill Machinery Exporters in India

Crystallizers and Filtration Suppliers

  • Cooling Crystallizers
  • Spacechem
  • Filtration and Laboratory Equipment Supplier
  • Sugar Filter Supplier in China
  • Sugar Filter Press Supplier in India
  • Manufacture of Filter and Heat Exchanger
Cane Crushers and Loaders Suppliers
  • Cane Crushers Suppliers
  • Sugar Cane Crushers Supplier
  • Cane Loaders/Unloaders Supplier
  • Uttam Scrotech International
  • Sugar Cane Process Plant Equipment
  • Ampro Exports-Cane Crusher Supplier
  • Indian Sugar Cane Crushers Suppliers

Plant Details

  • Ashoka Sugar Plants
  • Kay Iron Works
  • Tinytech Sugar Cum Jaggery Plant
  • Matuso
  • NSI Equipments
  • Mini Sugar Cane Processing Plants

Business Plan and Project Cost

  • Plans for Sugar Plant
  • Cane Sugar Plant in Thailand
  • Sugar Mill Project
  • Integrated Biorefinery
  • Rocky Point Sugar Mill Project
  • Chandarpur Works-Sugar Projects
  • Sugar Technology
  • New Projects and Growth
  • Sugar Industry Projects
  • Reconstruction of  Sugar Plants
  • Vietnam Investment
  • Investment Potentials of Taraba
  • Industrial Investment


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  • Weak Prices Test U.S. Sugar Policy
  • Biomass Technology
  • Ugar Sugar Annual Report-2005
  • Triveni Engineering Annual Report-2006


  • Consultants for Sugar and Allied Industry
  • Pushan- Service Provider
  • Ravindra Prakash & Associates
  • Ashford Engineering Consultants
  • Aquaponics
  • Avant-Garde Engineers and Consultants
  • National Institute of Industrial Research
  • Sanyu Consultants
  • Set N Exports
  • Common Sense Solutions