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  • Isomalt is a natural sugar substitute, a type of sugar alcohol, which is primarily used for its sugar-like physical properties.
  • Isomalt is a disaccharide composed of the two sugars glucose and mannitol. It is an odorless, white, crystalline substance containing about 5% water of crystallisation.
  • Isomalt is a white, crystalline carbohydrate with low hygroscopicity that contains only half the calories of sugar, is odorless, and has a low glycemic effect.
  • The two-step process begins with sucrose. First, an enzyme rearranges the linkage between glucose and fructose in sucrose. In the second step, two hydrogens are added to an oxygen in the fructose portion of the disaccharide.
  • A wide range of sugar-free products formulated with isomalt is available, including hard and soft caramels, hard candies and cough drops, chewing gums, chocolates, fondants, marzipans, baked goods, preserves, ice creams, pressed mints and dragees, pharmaceutical products, and many others.
  • Isomalt provides a variety of benefits, including fewer calories and lower glycemic response than sucrose, low solubility, no Maillard reaction, very low hygroscopicity, and smooth, sweet profile similar to that of sucrose.
  • Isomalt (Palatinit, Cargill) is the only sugar substitute made from beet sugar, providing a natural taste without a cooling effect.
  • Isomalt replaces sugar 1:1, but contains only half the calories of sugar. It is tooth friendly and has a low glycemic index.
  • Recent figures from market analyst indicate that just over 34 per cent of UK consumers are now actively avoiding sugar, while in France and Germany, the figures are 40 per cent and 37 per cent respectively.
  • In recent years sugar-free confectionery has moved into the mainstream confectionery aisle,helped by an increasing number of people with diabetes and by concern overobesity and health; sugar-free hard sweets are one of the leading productsin the confectionery industry.
  • The market for sugarfree confectionery is growing, and there are two main reasons for this growth:Today’s consumers want products that are beneficial to health and offer maximum enjoyment. By choosing products with a unique sugar substitute like Palatinit’s Isomalt, consumers can fulfil their high expectations for excellent taste and improved health.  


  • About Isomalt
  • Isomalt in diabetes
  • Isomalt characteristics
  • Isomalt-A unique sugar replacer


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Process & Technology

  • Manufacturing of Isomalt
  • Isomalt from palatinit
  • Reduced calorie sweetner - Isomalt
  • Isomalt derived from sugar
  • Isomalt in cereals
  • Xylitol sweetner technology

Products & MSDS

  • Gaio tagatose
  • Maltilite
  • Palatinit
  • Isomalt
  • Strepfen lozenges


  • Functional properties of Isomalt
  • Glassy Solid Solutions of Poorly Soluble Drugs in Isomalt for a Rapid Bioavailability
  • Isomalt has a low glycemic index
  • Isomalt from Palatinit – A Perfect Excipient
  • Isomalt properties


  • Layered cereal bars and their methods of manufacture
  • Crunchy chewing gum and process for making
  • Process for coating edible,chewable,or pharmaceutical cones with a coating
  • Oral composition comprising isomalt and remineralizing enhancing agent
  • Method for producing a tablet made of isomaltulose,Isomalt or Isomalt variants


  • Wide range of Isomalt Applications
  • Acidulants for confectionery
  • The digestion process of the sugar alcohol isomalt in the intestinal tract of the pig
  • Isomalt coatings
  • Application of response surface methodology for glucosyltransferase production and conversion of sucrose into isomaltulose using free Erwinia sp. cells
  • Isomalt - A Tooth friendly Ingredient to Support Oral Health


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  • Sugar free candies for the fast growing market
  • Isomalt achieves Novel Food approval from China
  • Toothfriendly Sweets in China
  • Sugar-free chewing gum market grows
  • Cerestar invests in isomalt
  • Cerestar ups isomalt production
  • Palatinit eyes Russian sugar-free market
  • Isomalt - the unique sugar substitute


  • Sorption Characteristics of Dietary Hard Candy
  • Sugar free Crush Candies
  • Simply sugar
  • Sugar-free confectionery