Cogeneration in Sugar Industry


Project at a Glance
  • Cogeneration is the simultaneous generation of electrical power and thermal energy through a single fuel.
  • In Cogeneration has several options like natural gas, diesel, residual fuel oil, process gas and biomass ,sugarcane bagasse, vinasse and black liquor.
  • The sugarcane bagasse is a residue of sugar and ethanol production.
  • Sugar and ethanol mill require an amount of electric power of 30 kWh per ton of crushed sugar cane
  • The consumption of thermal energy through steam for the production process is approximately 300 kWh/ton of crushed cane, ten times bigger than the electric power consumption.
  • Through the use of burning boilers with higher pressure and temperature, it is possible to generate an electric power surplus
  • The sugar cane mill will consume only part of the electric power generated in its production process, and the energy surplus can be sold in the electrical grid, generating extra revenue
  • Bagasse cogeneration is already cost-effective in India
  • There are about 575 operating sugar mills spread over 9 major States to produce about 3,500 MW of surplus power by using bagasse as the renewable source of energy in India


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