Cellulosic Sugars

Chemicals & Polymers from Sugar

Cellulosic resources such as cellulose, hemicellulose and Lignocellulose require more processing to release
and once hydrolyzed contain vast quantities of fermentable sugars
Here are the main products:

ButanolAcrylic Acid
ButylenesAdipic Acid
Butadiene2,5-Furandicsrboxylic Acid
Succinic AcidBTXPTA

There are two main routes to sugar-based Chemicals from Biomass
i) Catalytic - without fermentation > SORBITOL , ISOSORBIDE

ii) Biological - with Fermentation > ETHANOL , CITRIC ACID
    Cellulose Hydrolysis Technologies

Development work is being done in many parts of the world and Commercially viable projects
will materialize in about 5 to 10 ten years time?


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Contents Cellulosic sugars data base

Project Feasibility
  • Commercialization: Hydrocarbon Fuels from Plant Biomass
  • Commercial Opportunities
  • Ethanol Production Feasibility
  • Funding opportunity
  • High Price of Butadiene
  • Conversion of an ethanol plant to a butanol plant
  • Market based opportunities for bio-renewable chemicals and material
  • The economics of production of bio-diesel
  • Bio-butanediol
  • Bio - Refinery
  • Commercial Facility
  • Technology, Economics & Markets
  • Green Route to Adipic Acid
  • Bio-based Polymers
Technical Information
  • Technology Overview
  • Cellulose Derived Sugars
  • Production of low cost cellulosic sugars from sugar cane bagasse
  • Cellulosic Ethanol and Simple Sugars
  • Cellulose enzymes to convert non-food plant material
  • Renewable farnesene
  • Fermentable Sugar
  • Jet Fuel Production
  • Refined Cellulosic Sugars & Lignin
  • Research Road Map
  • Molecular imprinted Silica
  • Woody Biomass Cellulosic Sugars