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Soybeans World Trade


  • Soy is a leguminous plant indigenous to China that requires a lot of water to grow. 
  • Its beans consist of more than 36% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and high amounts of fibre, 
  • vitamins and minerals. It also consists of 20% oil, 
  • making it one of the most important sources of edible oil.
  • Soymeal accounts for over 60 % of world animal meal production and occupies a prominent position among protein feedstuffs used for the production of feed concentrates.
  • Soybean oil is the second most important vegetable oil (after palm oil); it accounts for 25 % of global vegetable animal oils and fats consumption
  • In the major producing countries and particularly in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and the USA soybean
  • contributes significantly to the total value added by the agricultural sector. In these countries, soybeans and its sub-products also occupy an important position in total export earnings. Among smaller
  • producers only India and Bolivia earn significant income from the exportation of soybean and derived products
  • China is by far the largest foreign market for American soybeans, taking about 56 per cent
  • of its $22 billion of exports
Basics - Soy Trade
  • Global Soybeans Trade
  • The supply Chain & Company profiles
  • Soybean Supply and Demand Forecast
  • Soybean, Oil & Meal Trade
  • Trade Leads
Technology Details
  • Soybean Process Flow
  • Soybean oil consumption for food in the Europe
Major  Exporting Countries
  • Argentina - China Trade
  • Brazil - China Trade
  • China - Europe Soya Trade

How to Export to China 
  • Doing Business with China
  • Exporter Guide to China
  • How to Export to the People’s Republic of China
  • Major Chinese Industrial Companies
Soy Trade with China
  • Soybean in China
  • Soybean Imports of China - 2018-2019
  • Daily report on Chinese soy imports
  • Soy Crushing Industry in China
  • Soybean import allocation
  • Market for organic food products in China and whom to contact
Chinese Imports from USA
  • Trade situation
  • Major U.S. Agricultural Export Markets: China, Canada, and Mexico
  • U.S. soybean meal production and demand

Profiles Companies in China

  • The commodity trading companies
  • International Company in China
  • American Company in China
  • Singapore Company
  • Hong Kong company
  • Chinese Company
  • A Company annual report

  • Soybean International Commodity Profile
  • Competitive Analysis of Soybean exporters to China
Political Scenario
  • Soybean War
  • The politics of China - Brazil Trade
  • Politics of Soy Trade
  • Make Money in a US–China Trade War
  • The telecoupling framework