Seed Industry

Information Profile @ a Glance
  • Commercial-biotech research started about 25 years back.

  • The role of the seed sector is not only to ensure adequacy in seed quality but also to ensure varietals diversity.

  • Indian seed programme boasts one of the biggest seed markets in the world, with annual sales at around US $920 million. Of this, domestic off take accounts for US $900 million and sales in the global market account for the remaining US $20 million. 

  • India is endowed with second largest area of farmland, and the largest area of irrigated land, in the world and, with its huge germplasm diversity, its seed industry is well placed to serve both domestic and international markets.
  • Access to proprietary genes and technology is essential for
  • developing and commercializing genetically modified varieties. Dispute and uncertainty over intellectual property rights have induced mergers, take-overs and strategic alliances.
  • Permit applications for GM field trials in the US peaked in 1998; this represented the zenith of wider industry interest in ag-biotech.

  • Since 1998 the majority of companies have reduced their permit applications for GM field trials. The exception to this trend has been Monsanto. 

  • Europe GM field trial activity has followed a similar trend to that seen in the US, however the fall in field trial activity in recent years has been even more pronounced. In 2000 the EU introduced a five-year moratorium on the commercial growing of GM crops

  • National Seeds Corporation , State Farms Corporation of India ,State Seed Corporations 200 private seed companies in India play  a major  role

  • Seeds
  • Native Seeds
  • Meta-Design
  • Seed Propagation
  • Seed Quality
  • Influence of Electric Field

Seed Structure

  • Germination Pattern
  • Dispersal, Dormancy and Germination
  • Development, Structure and Germination, Structure and germination

Seed Production

  • Seed Regeneration
  • Laboratory Project
  • Production and Distribution
  • Local Regeneration
  • Management Guideline
  • Developing Countries
  • Crop Varieties
  • Variety Development
  • Manual
  • Turf Grasses
Different Types of Seed Production
  • Cabbage -Washington
  • Onion-California
  • Eggplant
  • Forb and Shrub
  • Grass
  • Corn
  • Hybrid Papaya-Hawaii
  • Wild Flower- Florida
  • Open-Pollinated Tomato
  • Small-Scale OilSeed Processing
  • Small-Scale Producers
  • Equipment for Decentralized Cold Pressing

Genetically Modified Seed

  • Crops and Food
  • Non-GM Varieties
  • Information on Prices
  • Might NGOs Handle
  • Training
Cost Analysis
  • Plants/Units , Cost and Capacity
  • Extra Bt Corn Seed Costs
  • Prices of Genetically Modified Seeds

Seed Processing
  • Seed Processing
  • Processing and Storage
  • Drying Seed
  • Seed Treatment
Seed Policy and Guidelines
  • National Seed Policy
  • Certified and Registered
  • Seed and Planting Management
  • Delivery System
  • Seed Laws-imposing agriculture
  • Law on Seed & Plant Quality
  • Regulations
  • Guidelines
Market Strategies
  • Top Seed Companies
  • Company Catalogue
  • Seed Industry India
  • India Hybrid Seeds
  • Seed Supplier
  • Agencies
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Import and Export
  • Master Seed Companies
Seed Industry
  • Seed Industry
  • Maize
  • Development
  • Dry land Crops
  • Agriculture Development
  • Focus-Syria
  • Bt Cotton India


  • Directions
  • Seed Biotechnology Center
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Oilseed Biotechnology
  • Horticultural Biotechnology
  • Traceability & Labeling
  • Developing Countries
  • Industry Organization
  • Modern Biotechnology
  • International Plant Genetic Resource Institute