Information Profile @ a Glance

  • India is the largest producer of safflower (2.0 lakh tones) in the world with highest acreage (4.3 lakh hectares) but with an average productivity of only 465 Kg/ha.
  • Plants are 30-150 cm tall with globular flower heads (capitula) and commonly, brilliant yellow, orange or red flowers. Achenes are smooth, four-sided and generally lack pappus.
  • Safflower produces oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid 78%) which play an important role in reducing blood cholesterol level.
  • Safflower requires a minimum of about 120 days to produce a crop, but 140 to 170 days is more common for March planted crops, and allows for sufficient time for seed moisture to reach 8%, the level required for harvest.
  • Safflower should be harvested when the moisture content of the seed is 8% or less.
  • Safflower oil or kardi oil Available , contains PUFA in the form of linoleic acid. Like sunflower oil, this oil too should be used in combination with red palm oil or palmolein oil.
  • India has 63.2% of the world acreage of safflower, and accounted for 43.9% of the world production seed yield was 69.4% of the average world yield
  • In India, safflower occupies the seventh place in the area dedicated to oilseeds. Nearly 99% of the area under the crop is located in the southern plateau.

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