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Information @ a Glance
  • Triacontanols are fatty alcohols of the general formula C30H62O, also known as Melissyl alcohol or Myricyl alcohol. They are found in plant cuticle waxes and in beeswax.
  • Triacontanol is a naturally occurring plant hormone that acts as a growth promoter. Triacontanol raises plant yield by improving photosynthesis and cell division.
  • Triacontanol has had good results as a bating-agent, when added to soil and most of all: as a foliar spray.
  • It is isolated from active fraction of tea waste or sugarcane press mud. Successful field trials have proved its efficacy for high yield in the case of number of crops like barley, corn, paddy, maize, lettuce, cucumber, etc.
  • The process consists of extraction of tea wax/sugarcane wax from the tea wastes/sugarcane press mud by solvent extraction and fractionation and purification. Then by further transesterification under suitable conditions, the compound is further purified and fractionally crystallized in suitable organic solvents. The product is dispersed in suggested solvents and packed in plastic bottles.
  • The equipments needed are extraction unit, distillation unit, water bath, concentration unit, pressure vacuum pump and other miscellaneous equipments.
  • It has tremendous market potential in India with increased yields on plants upto 30%. The current selling price of triacontanol is $400 / gm and hence has good scope for export.
  • n-Triacontanol and its formulations have shown excellent market potential. Number of tea planters in the country have shown keen interest especially after reported increase in the yield by 25% to 40%. Its applications in agriculture and horticulture fields will certainly improve the demand further in the near future.
  • Triacontanol improved the rate and extent of plants growth. It also stimulates photosynthesis and several enzyme activities.
  • Triacontanol also increase dry weight, carbon dioxide fixation, reducing sugars and free amino acids leading to the enhancement of plant growth and crop yield.
  • Its efficiency is proved for high yield in the case of number of field crops like barely, rice, tomatoes, maize, lettuce, cucumber, potatoes, cauliflower, brinjal, chillies, etc.
  • Triacontanol and octacosanol are presently being marketed as plant growth stimulant and cholesterol reducing agent respectively.

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Raw Materials

  • Tea Waste
  • Tea Wastes
  • Tea waste Control
  • Tea Waste License
  • Tea Factories
  • Tea Board
  • Sugar Industry Press Mud


  • Induction of early bolting in Arabidopsis thaliana by triacontanol, cerium and lanthanum is correlated with increased endogenous concentration of  isopentenyl adenosine
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Products & Material Safety Data Sheet

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  • Octacosanol
  • Policosanol
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