Instant Coffee

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  • Coffee is manufactured by dry process (instant coffee/cherry fruit) and wet processing (parchment coffee)
  • Cherry coffee is manufactured by the use of ripen coffee fruits and is dried naturally.
    There is no waste generation from this process while in instant coffee manufacturing coffee beans are cleaned, roasted and grounded. The grounded coffee is extracted with hot water followed by evaporation and drying of filtrate having soluble coffee to manufacture coffee powder. Wastewater is generated mostly from the spent coffee waste.
  • The manufacturing of parchment coffee is by using wet process which includes pulping of fruits, its mucilization followed by its dryingPowdered coffee may be further processed as Instant Coffee, which now a days is frequently used in India
  • Indian coffee consumption has more than doubled in ten years, from 55,000 tonnes a year to 120,000 tonnes

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