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  • Hemp has a long history in America, from the first plantings in Jamestown,
    where growing hemp was mandatory, to the hemp sails of 19th-century clipper ships and the hemp canvas covers of pioneer wagons, to World War II’s massive “Hemp for Victory” program.
  • Hemp fiber offers greater durability and breathability
    than cotton, which  accounts for 25 percent
    of the pesticides sprayed on the world’s crops.
  • “Biocomposites” of nonwoven hemp matting and polypropylene or epoxy are pressed into parts
    such as door panels and luggage racks, replacing heavier and less safe fiberglass composites.
  • The low impact of the farming and processing of hemp stalks and the high strength, length and yield of the bast fibers make hemp, a traditional source of high-strength specialty paper, a favorite in today’s ecologically aware market.
  • Hemp seeds are valued primarily for the exceptional fatty acid composition of their oil, which makes up 30 percent of the whole seed and 44 percent of the nut.
  • Increasingly found on store shelves, shelled hemp seeds (“hemp nuts”) and cold pressed oil have exceptional nutritional
    benefits and rich flavor.


  • Overview of Hemp
  • Hemp Crop Profile
  • Hemp
  • Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity
  • Myths and Facts
  • Versatile Plant
  • Application for a licence

Cultivation Techniques

  • Cultivation
  • Plant Cultures
  • Industrial Hemp Varieties
  • Converting and Dyeing
  • Cropping Guide
  • Manufacturing and Production System
  • Cultivation , Processing and Product line
  • Hemp in Paper Making Industry
  • Hemp Growers Guide
  • Hemp Seed Oil and its potential
  • Hemp Seed Yields
  • Hemp New Trends
  • Growing Industrial Hemp in Ontario

Consultants and Funding Agency

  • Hemp Traders
  • MRAC - Funding Agency
  • Guide to Custom Farm work
  • Hemp Project Sample

Manufacturing Companies
  • Living Tree Paper Company
  • Industrial Hemp Developing Company
  • Hempline - North American Company
  • American Hemp Company
  • Evotex - Textile Company
  • Santa Barbara
  • Ruth's Hemp Foods
  • Nutiva company
  • Island Hemp Wear

Hemp Based Products

  • People Hemp Products
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Hemp Accessories
  • Hemp Products
  • Hemp Footwear

Market Reports

  • Global market and prices
  • US Market
  • Industrial Hemp - Market Strategy.
  • Legalization
  • Report on Industrial Hemp
  • THC in Hemp Products
  • Report on Hemp fibre
  • Journal of Industrial Hemp
  • Market for industrial hemp