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  • In its natural form the hazelnut is a deciduous, monoecious, multi-stemmed bush, but commercially should be grown as a single trunk tree.
  • Hazelnuts have a number of unique characteristics which include flowering periods of weeks or even months between pollination and fertilization. They can also tolerate temperatures down to–10°C during the period of pollination and are usually unaffected by late spring frosts.
  • Hazelnuts are high in energy and kilojoules, are sealed by nature and contain no additives.
  • Hazelnuts require a well-drained soil approximately 1.8 m deep. The tree has a mainly fibrous root system, but deeper soils allow for greater exploitation of soil resources and heavier production in the mature orchard.
  • Hazelnuts benefit from a balanced nutritional program such as annual applications of a complete NPK fertiliser. Nitrogen, potassium and boron are the elements most commonly found deficient in hazelnuts.
  • The major markets for hazelnuts will be for round kernels of 11–13 mm with the range for confectionery kernels being 9–15 mm. The in-shell trade is developing as newer plantings of varieties like Ennis commence bearing.
  • Hazelnuts nutrition properties make them a natural fit for any healthy snack as millions will continue to diet and /or expect healthier food options.
  • Making the Most Of Hazelnuts
  • Corylus Species
  • Factors Influencing Shelf Life Of Hazelnut
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  • Extraction Methods
  • First Cold Pressed Oils
  • Mini Press Range
  • Supercritical fluid extraction and Characterisation of oil from hazelnut
  • Hazelnut technology for warmer climates
  • New Food Product Development Processes
  • Optimization Of The Hazelnut Roasting Process
  • Potential For Hazelnut Production In Australia
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  • Incompatibility Alleles Expressed in Pollen of Turkish Hazelnut Cultivars
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  • Prevalence of Hazelnut Allergy