• Artificial ant oil
  • 2-Formylfuran
  • Fural
  • Furaldehyde
  • 2-Furanaldehyde
  • 2-Furancarbaldehyde
  • Furancarbonal
  • 2-Furancarbonal
  • 2-Furfural
  • Furfuraldehyde
  • 2-Furfuraldehyde
  • Furfurol
  • Furfurole
  • Furfurylaldehyde
  • Furole
  • a-Furole
  • 2-Furylaldehyde
  • 2-Furylcarboxaldehyde
  • Pyromucic aldehyde

About the Industry

  • A biodegradable chemical produced from agricultural wastes such as corn cobs, oat and rice husks, and sugar cane bagasse
  • Use: synthesis of various chemical compounds such as Oil Paints, Lacquers, tetrahydrofuran, antibacterial preparations, urea furan
  • Products Synthesized from Furfural: furfuryl alcohol, Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, Furan, Furoic acid, 2-metilfuran (sylvan), Furoin, Furfurylamine, Maleic anhydride, Succinic acid
  • World's Largest Producer & Consumer : USA 
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