Flour Mills

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  • Flour Mills are among the most traditional units. Taking into consideration the local needs and market requirement, flour mills can be established at different levels - domestic flour mills, commercial flour mills, bakery/mini flour mills and roller flour mill.
  • Converting the wheat grain into its constituent parts, that is, bran and endosperm involves the following processes. Storing, Cleaning, Conditioning, Gristing, Milling i.e. separation of the bran from the endosperm and the sizing of the endosperm to uniform particle size.
  • Flour milling is a mechanical manufacturing process which produces flour from wheat through comprehensive stages of grinding and separation.
  • A flour mill is a plant that calls for many different kinds of labor, skilled and unskilled, and effects directly or indirectly many other lines of business and consequently the prosperity of the country.
  • If the surplus wheat that this country raises can be milled here and then forwarded as flour, it means more work and more prosperity for our own people than if the same quantity of wheat went abroad without being transferred into flour and feed.
  • Byproducts of the milling process, such as bran, shorts (fine bran) and wheat germ are used in products such as breakfast cereals but are used mainly in the production of animal feeds. However, the industry continues to promote environmental good practice.
  • The milling industry has a very low environmental impact. The milling process produces almost no waste, so the main impacts come from the energy used during transport.
  • The flour milling industry is the third link in the wheat supply chain. In 2007, it is estimated that 1.826 million hectares of wheat will be grown in the UK. Approximately 35% of this area is varieties with bread making potential.
  • The flour milling industry is a vibrant sector that combines traditional skills with high technology to produce a wide range of flours. It is compact and highly efficient with a total annual turnover from all sources at a little under £1billion.
  • Currently, around 1.25 million tonnes of flour is milled for domestic human consumption each year. Use of flour for industrial purposes, such as starch, gluten and their derivatives, has increased significantly in recent years and now amounts to about 460,000 tonnes a year.
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