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Project Profile
  • Phenalkamines are a distinct range of natural epoxy curing agents that provide very fast cure, even at low temperatures with a good workable pot life.
  •  They have excellent resistance to moisture during cure, and offer good chemical resistance, and flexibility.
  • These unique properties make them an excellent choice for marine and offshore coatings, solvent-free industrial floor coatings, railcar and agricultural/construction equipment coatings, portable water coatings, and tank and pipe linings.
  • They are also used for adhesive, automobile, and electrical potting applications.
  • Phenalkamines are synthesized from CNSL (Cashew nutshell liquid).
  •  This viscous reddish brown coloured liquid is derived from the shell of cashew (Cashew Tree, Anacardium occidentale L).
  • Crude CNSL is one of the major sources of naturally occurring non-isoprenoid phenolic lipids such as anacardic acids, cardols, cardanols, methyl cardols and polymeric materials.
  • Royce international corp. and cardolite corporation are major manufacturers of phenalkamine curing agent.
  • The cashew nut shell liquid (CSNL) is the main source from where multipurpose derivative of amines is synthesized
  • In the beginning, it was brought into the limelight with a purpose to have an extended pot life with awesome flexibility and laudable water resistance.
  • This miraculous curing agent is a blend of aliphatic amines’ properties and Polyamides characteristics.
  • System has outstanding curing property and that too on low temperature.
  • Curing agent has a good resistance with all sort of chemical and on top to that, the curing agent has low toxicity and high flexibility.
  • This adhesion quality, which has proved its worth even on water, is the primary reason behind its use in marine applications, civil engineering and industrial maintenance projects.
  • Phenalkamine
    multipurpose  epoxy resin curing agents
  • Epoxy Coatings


  • Amerbuild hardner
  • Carboguard 690 Part A
  • Carboguard235/235 has part B
  • G/flex® 650 epoxy hardener


  • Admark polycoated private limited
  • Epotec th 7940 is a phenalakamine curing agent
  •  Phenalakamine epoxy hardeners
  • (MD1044)coating chemical product

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  • Phenalkamines field of the invention
  • Protective coatings for heavy duty and marine applications by
    means of surface tolerant anti-corrosive paints
  • Shanghai meidong biomaterials
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  • A curing agent of epoxy Resin


  • Phenalkamine curing agents and epoxy resin compositions containing the same
  • Curing agents for epoxy resins
  • Phenalakamine and salted amine blends as curing agents for epoxy resins
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  • (MD2015C)Phenalkamine epoxy curing agent
  • Ark golden indian private limited
  • Fast curing anticorrosion primers for steel protection
  • Green chemistry does not fear humidity in a floor

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  • Cardolite lite 2001 lv
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  •  Epoxy hardeners
  • How to replace efficiently coal tar epoxies in the shipbuilding
  • Outstanding protection of metal and concrete brought about by
    the unique cashew nutshell liquid technology
  • Phenalakamine – redefining the process of epoxy curing