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CNSL Mortar

Project Profile
  • Cashew (CNSL) Mortar has outstanding Resistance against both Acids and Alkalis’ up to its Specific confines. Widely used of Cashew (CNSL) Mortar as Bedding, Joint Filling or Bedding & Jointing materials for bricks / tiles
  • Cashew nut shell liquid is fractionated, sulfonated and condensed with formaldehyde in the presence of additives to produce a superplasticizer.
  • A chemically resistant settable material of mortar-like consistency comprises an aqueous emulsion of a cashew nut shell-liquid resin, a chemically resistant filler and an aldehyde or aldehyde-yielding substance
  • Cashewmor Resin Mortar is widely used for Acid Resistant Bricks/ Tiles lining as bedding and jointing mortar. It can be used for jointing Chemical Resistant Stoneware Pipes. It is also used for ETP Plants. It is suitable where excellent resistant property and heavy impacts subjected to the surface of floors and tank is required.
  • Cashewmor mortar adheres strongly on the Ceramic, Concrete surface and metals so, it can be used as a monolithic lining for the construction of dilute acids storage tanks.
  • Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
  • Polymerization of renewble monomers
  • Cashew Nutshell Liquid Resin
  • CNSL Based derivatives

Company & Products

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Project Information

  • Technology Sources
  • Value added chemicals from CNSL
  • CNSL Resin suppliers
  • CNSL Mortar suppliers
  • Technical Laboratory


  • Phenolic formaldehyde resins modified with Cardanol
  • Cement Composites
  • Super plasticizer - CNSL
  • Phenalkamine curing agents
  • Water reducing agent from CNSL
  • Extraction of Polyphenols from Cashew Nut Shell
  • Resin type chemical resistant mortars


  • Chemically Resistant Materials made from Cashew Resins
  • Synthesis of dibromodiphenyl ether starting from CasheW Nut Shell Liquid
  • Process for preparation of
    these bisphenol compounds starting from Cashew Nut Shell
  • The development of hydro
    phobically modified polymers