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Cashew Snacks

Project Profile
  • Cashew find a many uses in the Indian household. The processed kernels are consumed as snacks, offered at parties, and served on flights by airlines. They are also consumed in large quantities during journeys, in theaters, and at home while watching the television.
  • The salted and peppered varieties offer a tasty combination with almost any
  • Cashew based snacks have a good domestic and export market potential.
  • Roasted and salted cashews; paprika dusted cashews; pepper dusted cashews and honey coated cashews are the most sought after both in the domestic and export markets.


  • Products , processing & recipes
  • Cashew Cookie Bar
  • Cashew ‘cookie’ energy bites
  • Spicy honey roasted Cashew
  • Roasted masala Cashew nuts in Microwave
  • Kaju Sweets
  • Snack from cashew Fruits

Project Information

  • Cashew Snacks Project
  • Technical Consultancy


  • Marketing Snacks
  • Retail Market
  • Value added products
Machines Suppliers
  • Food Processing machinery
  • Machines - Delhi supplier
  • Snack making Machinery
  • Nuts, seeds, dry fruits processing machinery

Company & products

  • Hyderabad Company
  • Company in India
  • Suppliers - India
  • Nut Snack Manufacturers


  • Production and evaluation of cold extruded and baked ready-to eat snacks
  • Cashew Nut Processing