Surgical Cotton

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  • Surgical Cotton also known as absorbent cotton wool or purified cotton is used at large in surgery as a dressing material for burns & wounds as a cotton bedding for maintaining a uniform temperature in inflamed parts and therefore finds applications in Hospitals, Dispensaries, Nursing homes, etc. 
  • Being soft, it offers greater resistance when pulled and gives maximum protection without irritations. It is also used as a filtering medium for liquids and air. 
  • The purified cotton is made from superior grade cotton fibres. It is bleached to pure white colour, softened and freed from pieces of thread, leaf, shell, fibre, dust and other organic matters.
  •   A good quality absorbent cotton is characterized by its uniform quality and staple fibres having average length more than 1.5 cm. 
  • The absorbent cotton when impregnated with capscuium celnrsin and methyl salicylate gives capcuim cotton/wool which can be used as counter irritant and in the treatment of rheumatic producing heat on undamaged skin.
  • Cotton ginning takes place throughout the area of the United States known as the Sunbelt. The majority of the ginning facilities are located in Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, California, and Louisiana.
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