Cotton industry

Cotton Industry Information
  • Cotton is the best natural fiber & cannot be replaced by synthetic fibers, Polyester and Nylon. More than 100 countries grow & export cotton. For 20 countries cotton export get them 20 % funds needed to import food. About 60 % of harvested crop contains seeds which are crushed to obtain Oil , Cake & Hull. Whereas oil is edible the cake & hull find use in animal feed.
Top producers , Consumers ,Importers & Exporters
  • Top cotton production countries are China , USA  and  India.
  •  Major consumption of cotton to produce yarn in the spinning mills is by China ,India , USA, Pakistan & Brazil. Major Exporters are USA , Uzbekistan, Australia , Greece & Syria. The Importers are Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Italy , Turkey ,South Korea ,Japan & Taiwan

 Information Available

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Cotton Based Projects
  • Cotton Ginning & Spinning
  • Cotton Seed Oil 
  • Cotton Waste
  • Surgical Cotton
  • Cotton Bags
  • Cotton Towel
  • Socks
  • De-oiled Cake
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
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