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about COPRA
Coconut Industry - Information Sheet Facts about coconuts, Coconut Industry world wide data
Coconut Study Report  Two types of copra namely milling and edible are made in India. Milling copra is used to extract oil while edible grade of copra is consumed as a dry fruit and used for religious purposes...
About Copra Meal Product description, Directions for use
Oil product Institution - report Biofuels, domestic oils, imported oils
Coconut Oil  Coconut Oil: Oil extraction process, machinery required, machinery suppliers
 Coconut Development  Data collection by development institution
 Coconut Marketing  Data collection by marketing institution
 Government Support  reimbursement of 50% subsidy for procurement of Copra Dryer
 Copra Dryer  Approved Copra Dryer Manufactures List
Companies & Products
Company update 2009 The dealer checks and historical data clearly indicates that copra prices in the wholesale market are purely dependant on demand and supply factors and are not influenced by MSP prices.
Company information 2006 Indonesian company information
Coconut processing Integrated coconut processing complex - Malaysia Report
Company Profile Copra cake is a byproduct of the coconut oil extraction process. Once oil has been extracted from the dried copra, it leaves a brownish, fibrous material which is good as feed additive or ingredient

Markets , Applications, Suppliers & Buyers

Copra Meal   Copra Meal: World Supply and Distribution 
 Philippine Copra  Copra Production Methods Remain Primitive, 
Modern Machinery applied in Crushing Plants
 Coconut Industry - The Philippines  The industry is  finding new products and uses: coco peat, geotextiles, activated carbon and virgin coconut oil.
 Srilanka Industry  Manufacture of copra, coconut oil & desiccated coconut - 1975 to 2005 data
Prospects for Mozambique coconut industry The international prices for copra have been experiencing
cycling changes but only in the last years began to fall deeply apparently due to the presence of cheaper substitute products.
 Philippine Industry  The Philippine Coconut Industry Looks Up to Year 2020
 Support Prices by Government  Kerala Government procurement procedure
 Coconut Committee act 1944  Bangladesh act for development of coconut industry
 Netherlands - Old Data Copra and Coconut Oil in the Netherlands East Indies
 COPRA Auction  COPRA Auction rules of Srilanka
 Philippines Support Program  Coconut Industry support program in Philippines
Malaysia Industry Industry profile & analysis for development
 Procurement in India  India government support price scheme
Sorong industry Old report
 Philippines Exports Philippines Oilseeds and Products
Coconut Products Exports 
 Andaman - India copra & coconut industry data

 Futures & Prices

Commodity Futures Brief description on commodity futures and more
Spot Trading The ready delivery contracts in copra , coconut oil and oil cake is conducted to give more transparency and liquidity in the market.
Commodity Market and Commodity Exchange The Indian Common Market catering to a population of over a billion will serve as a buffer against violent price fluctuations arising from disturbances in the overseas markets.
Commodity Price Data commodity price data 
 Copra Contract  Contract Details - Commodity Exchange, India
Currencies and commodities Currencies and commodities: modeling the impact of exchange rates on commodity prices in the world market
Market summary Commodity futures information 
 Price Policy  Price policy for Copra for the  season