Coconut Feni

Project Profile
  • Fenny or Feni is a Goan liquor  made from either coconut or the juice of the cashew apple.
  • Coconut feni – it is prepared with the help of toddy plant’s juice. Around 65% of coconut feni is made in South Goa and the  remaining 35% in North Goa.
  • Fenny is classified as a 'country liquor', and therefore not sold outside the State of Goa in India.
  • The bulk of the fenny produced is sold unlabeled to retailers and home consumers. Some of it is also purchased by bottlers, 
    who have developed their own brands.
  • A few popular varieties of fenny drink include “Cashyo”, “Big Boss”, and “Reals”. Unique and distinct smell and wonderful aroma are the basic features of good quality feni.
  • Juice is extracted from coconut taddy and it is fermented till formation of
    a film floating over the juice. Time required for fermentation is 65-70 hours. Around 70 ltrs. of arrack is distilled from 100 ltrs. of fermented juice. Arrack and fermented juice are distilled in the ratio of 1:2 to obtain Feni.
  • To obtain one ltr. of Feni around 30 kgs. of cashew
    apples or coconut taddy is needed.
  • High-grade fenny is 42% alcohol by volume. There are known to exist around 4,000 such traditional mini-distilleries or stills in Goa that manufacture cashew fenny and about 2,200 manufacturing coconut fenny. About 65% Of the stills making coconut fenny are in South Goa.
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  • Feni process and preparation
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  • Effect of exposure to a country liquor (Toddy)
  • Effect of Toddy on carbohydrate metabolism in pregnant rats
  • Effect of in utero exposure of Toddy
  • Effect of food on attrsctants on coconut palm
  • Biochemical activity of selenium and glutathione on country made liquor
  • Validating Alcohol Use Among Male Drinkers in Goa


  • Coconut Feni Production


  • Case Study of Feni
  • Toddy processing
  • Control of enhancement of the ethanol yield in coconut toddy
  • Isolation  of the genera Acetobacter and Gluconobacter in coconut toddy
  • Control of sulphide formation in coconut toddy
  • Coconut Feni -  method
  • Nutritive Value of Coconut Toddy
  • Fenny And types
  • Other spirits in Feni
  • Toddy - Indian local alcoholic drink

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