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  • The toothpick is a single object made of a single material with, presumably, a single purpose.
  • Tooth picking was also common in the ancient world. People in Asia, Greece, and Rome carried toothpicks that we would associate today with jewelry items made of metal and worn around the neck on a chain so they could always be well at hand.
  • A toothpick is a small stick of wood, plastic, metal or other substance used to remove detritus from the teeth, usually after a meal.
  • One of the most common natural materials used for toothpicks has been the goose quill.
  • Bamboo wood is ideal for making toothpicks as it is relatively soft.
  • Toothpicks are produced by splitting bamboo culms into thin splits that are then split further into circular rods 2mm in diameter. These are then cut to length, polished and the ends are sharpened.
  • The market for toothpicks is very large and they are widely used throughout the world.
  • In order to develop the market still further the environmentally friendly nature of using bamboos to produce toothpicks could be stressed.
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  • Dental Toothpicks
  • Pop Up Tooth Pick Dispenser
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Process & Production

  • Bamboo ToothPick Manufacturing Unit
  • A toothpick produced by the Freeman method
  • The Glorious Toothpick
  • Production-to-Consumption Systems: A Case Study of the Bamboo Sector in Kenya
  • Transfer of technology models

Company & Consultant

  • Company from WestBengal
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  • Company from Ghana
  • Company from USA
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Machine Suppliers

  • Milling sticks and grinding point machine
  • Automatic Bamboo Tooth picker producing machine
  • Toothpick machine
  • Bamboo Machine factory
  • Toothpick Paking Machine
  • Suppliers of Tooth pick machines
  • Toothpick assembly
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  • Toothpick Structure
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