Project Profile

  • Tafia is a kind of cheap rum made from sugarcane juice. It is typically unaged whereas rum is typically aged in wooden barrels to reduce the level of fusel.
  • Tafia is an unaged, Caribbean or South American alcoholic beverage produced by batch distillation of beers obtained by the fermentation of  sugar-cane juice or molasses. It is similar to aguardiente and rum.
  • The number of steps to produce the Rhum depend on the type of it. There are the traditional Rhum which is the distillation of molasse (residues of production of cane sugar), and the agricultural Rhum which is the distillation of the cane sugar’s juice.
  • Rhum Superieur
  • Rhum agricole, Industrial rum, Traditional rum Differences
  • Rum Trade
  • Rum
  • Tafia

Manufacturing Process

  • Feedstocks, fermentation and distillation for production of heavy and light rums
  • History of rum making
  • Production lines of a Rhum industry
  • Traditional rum Making Process
Market and Report
  • Adding punch to the Caribbean rum industry
  • China, Peoples Republic of Product Brief
  • India, the emerging economy: trends and future
  • Classification of Cachaca
  • The Rum Excise Tax Cover-Over: Legislative History and Current Issues
  • Global Spirits Manufacturing
  • Market Information and Opportunities