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If you are an Entrepreneur and in a business, provider of service or manufacturer of products, we offer information under various categories in our Catalogue:
  • Market Information: Major companies in the field, Company Information, News Paper clippings, Imports & Exports, Products and applications, Trade Leads, Production & Consumption Data
  • Product Information:Product specifications, Material Safety Data Sheets, Standards, Approvals & Certifications, Prices, Delivery situations, Substitutes
  • Company Information:  Name & Address, Product & Business detailsKey Executives, Turnover, Fax, email, Telephones, Web Site, Annual Reports, Company Presentations, Analysts Reports, Company Shares and price trends
  • Industry News: Industry problems & Potentials, Companies in the News, Mergers & Acquisitions, Regulatory Issues, New Products Introduction, Product recalls, Quality Issues
  • Traders: Manufacturers, Distributors, WholeSale, Supply Chain, Importers, Exporters
  • Trade Leads: Buy offers, Sell offers, Tender Documents, Auctions
  • Trade Data: Government Sources, Dumping Reports, Private Company Data Bases, Publications, Shipment Data, Industry Associations
If you are a new Entrepreneur or decided to become an Entrepreneur the important question that comes to the mind is: 
  • What kind of industry, business or service to start? 
  • What are the many opportunities or options entrepreneurs can explore?
            We offer under several categories of Business, Opportunities, thousands of project information in our CatalogueEntrepreneurs may naturally find the answer         depending upon a number of factors such as education, the environment in which brought up, geography, experience,  skills, capacity to invest, business contacts,  likes and dislikes etc. 
    The entrepreneur can scan through the opportunities available, and match it with their personal factors and make an analysis to answer the important question     - "What kind of enterprise will best suit me? "